The goal of our licensed speech and language pathologists is to restore the patient’s ability to swallow and communicate. Our staff will work on improvements in speech, listening, reading, writing and problem-solving skills.

Speech Therapists are also able to assess, treat, and manage swallowing difficulties as well.  General signs of a swallowing problem may include:

      • Coughing during or after eating or drinking
      • Gurgly sounding voice during or after eating or drinking
      • Increased effort or time needed to chew or swallow
      • Unable to keep food and drink in your mouth
      • Food getting stuck in your mouth
      • Difficulty breathing after meals
      • Weight loss

Our Speech Therapist is Certified in Vital-Stimulation Therapy for the treatment of dysphagia.Speech Therapists focus on the following:

      • Comprehension
      • Speech Reading
      • Auditory Training
      • Hearing Screening
      • Reading and Writing
      • Dysphagia
      • Swallow Retraining
      • Naming and Word Identifying
      • Short and Long Term Memory

        Our team of Speech/Language Pathologists will work with you one-on-one to ensure that you are receiving quality care for a quick recovery.

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